Black Hollywood


Vintage clip: “Let’s Do it Again” Feat Bill Cosby and Sidney Poitier, 1975

Classic Scene from “Let’s Do It Again” circa 1975. Bill Cosby an Sidney Poitier teamed up to make a few classics together. This film featured many screen greats alongside them: Calvin Lockhart, John Amos, Jimmie Walker, and Ossie Davis to name a few. This scene catches Cosby playing a character within a character. His character Billy Foster goes undercover as a New York gangster named Mongo Slade who is attempting to fix a boxing match. Watch Cosby go head to head with John Amos!

Vintage Black Cinema Theater: Contains 37 classic films and counting. List of films coming soon!

Actors/Actresses, Dancers, Comedians, Musicians, and Entertainers…. It’s Showbiz baby!


2 thoughts on “Black Hollywood

  1. it was a glorious time for Black moving -making! Little do people know that these movies helped keep some of the major movie companies afloat during the 70’s recession.

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