Richard Pryor- 1st Black President


Original Bad Boy of Comedy Richard Pryor

Original Bad Boy of Comedy Richard Pryor

I figured I’d go light on y’all today. I found this classic sketch of Richard Pryor portraying the first black president. It’s really funny and interesting to see now that America actually has its first black president! I truly believe he was a few decades ahead of his time. If you listen carefully he speaks to high unemployment rates in the black community, increasing black quarterbacks and coaches in the NFL, and even increasing black presence in the space program! It wasn’t just funny many of these things have come to pass! Rest in Peace Brother Pryor!



2 thoughts on “Richard Pryor- 1st Black President

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  2. Reblogged this on Cookie's Jam and commented:
    I found this today, only because I was looking for images of George E. Johnson Sr. the founder of Johnson Products Company. One of the most famous products is Afro Sheen.
    As you do, I clicked on a featured post, and this gem came up. Thanks dathistoryguy for a great blog. I’ll be back 🙂

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