The Coolest: Sammy Davis, Jr.

When I turn on the radio or the television, I am often flooded with misogynistic, non-creative, hyper-violent lyrics and images. Call me old school but I find a complete lack of class and dignity in today’s entertainment industry. That’s why I love Sammy Davis, Jr. The epitome of class and respect. He was the quintessential entertainer: singer, actor, impressionist, musician, and dancer. He carried himself gracefully and ran with the legends of his time. I wish more of our young people would look to the legacy of individuals like Sammy Davis, Jr. So, I have gathered a few of my favorite Sammy moments and decided to share them with you. Hope you enjoy!

1) Don Rickles roast of Sammy Davis, Jr. Viscous but funny!

2) One of my favorite songs “Mr. Bojangles”

3) Sammy was also a brilliant impressionist. Check this out!

4) The Rat Pack featuring Johnny Carson(yes that Johnny Carson) at a 1965 performance at the Kiel Opera House in St. Louis.

5) A clip of Sammy playing the Vibraphone during a jazz set for a 60s TV performance.

6) Sammy and Gregory Hines tapping together…Classic!


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