One thought on “Lynchings

  1. The democrats lynched over 3,000 black and 1,000 white republicans, but I guess that doesn’t matter any more, the democrats are and always have been racist. So no amount of proof will change the minds of democrat voters, they will stay on the ghetto plantations until they wake up. A man did a video, he asked liberal democrats if making minorities have ID to vote was racist, you need to find the video and hear their answers, according to democrats black people can’t get ID because they can’t find the DMV and they don’t have the knowledge to understand and use data, or the money for a computer and they sure don’t understand the internet, and of course all black people are felons. You have to see this video and listen to these white liberal democrats who just “love” their black fellow democrat voters. Insane that any black would vote for the very people who enslaved them, formed the KKK, wrote the Jim Crow laws and fought against civil rights for blacks until LBJ figured out how to get their votes for the future. I am so sad, so very sad. The video is about voter ID and the interviewer is Ami Horowitz on you tube. Listen I dare you.

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