Nigerian children’s cartoon about colonialism


16 thoughts on “Nigerian children’s cartoon about colonialism

  1. Congrats! You nailed it!! It’s informative and kept me engaged in listening, looking and learning. So proud of you!

  2. Why they that the people that were taking over Africa just left because they new it was right. Why cant the kids really know what went down so that Nigeria could become free, why cant they really know what there ancestors really had to go threw to get themselves free. Stop trying to cover things up, stop trying to make things better then were they actually were. TELL THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I agree with you Lorin why cover up the truth. why not show to us what our ancestors went through for us. Why not inform the children at at young age so they don’t think that we have always been treated the same way as those of different decent. They make it seem like getting where we are today was like just going out to buy eggs simple and easy. really getting free was like shopping for shoes thousands of options, and sizes but on several choices will get you what you want. Why is it so hard for people to just admit what we went through to the respect we get today. And why why did our ancestors fight for us to still be put down by our race every once and a while. Also I never understand why in slavery we hated to be called Niggers but now all we hear in slang is blacks calling other blacks their Niggers we have come to far and worked to much to still be called what we were when we were used as property to the white man. But this is just my opinion

  4. maybe it is just me but this movie seems like it is missing a huge part it forgot how they came to our land stoled our people sold them in america making them work without pay, being beat raped and killed. They made it seem like oh wee just let them do what they did and then they let us go no way wee fought we died until we got our freedom we deserved. we need to know our history so don’t leave out the important parts we went through please

  5. This website has really opened my eyes.I didn’t realize how long we as African American people were treated so wrong for soo very long it is terrible. I think this website should be seen by more then just people at AJCES. It should be previewed everywhere so that people of all races can see how people can grow and change and how a race that was made fun of is still made fun of.The site as really changed my view of a lot of things and people.AWESOME!!!!! JOB MR. FARROW IT REALLY DOES HELP.

  6. this site is so great you should create a facebook page for it. It would help other people discover the site and see the real story on how African Americans were treated for so many years

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